A few words about myself.

I'm an artist from Chicago, IL who grew up in Florida chasing his dream to become an artist. I began young and was encouraged by my mother and teachers. Eventually growing up and becoming an individual humanbeing who would now have to guide himself through life and art. 

Coming from a low income family I often had to make due with what I had. I began working as soon as I was able to. I got my first job at Busch Gardens as a caricature artist, where I was finally able to afford my self better tools of which I used to gain more skills.

I've been fortunate to do freelance for various clients but was never able to keep it regular and so I often worked a day job. As I get older this is not a good way to live so I am now moving into full-time freelance or a studio job. 


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 Randall Whiteis

Randall Whiteis